Signs of the Times

Signage Fails

Artwork Proofs. So annoying Right? Right.Graphic1
But believe me, there is a reason for it.
As illustrated below, always, always check the proof
you are sent.


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3 Designing tips for creating signs that attract attention


I can’t stress this enough.

We often get requests from our clients to do black and white signs. While black and white is definitely very elegant and sophisticated. It does not bring your business’s identity across to your consumer. It tends to be tedious and overdone.

It will not make your brand stand out or be noticed when placed in a busy shopping centre or on a busy street with signs all around you with eye catching and colourful branding.


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Why is signage vital for your business?

Customers often think that signage is not important. In certain companies, signage doesn’t get a budget.

Below is a list of reasons why signage is, in fact, very important and should be an integral part of your business.

  • Signs are always “on the job” 24/7. Whether you choose a static sign, a light box, banner or Perspex. The sign is always at work.


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